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MS Wear

MS Wear System is a system that provides comprehensive warehouse and sales services.

Project goals


Increase in
productivity of

The main goal of the project was to create a system that would help to manage and optimize the most important processes in warehouse management and sales.

The project of the application assumed an increase in employee productivity. We manage to achieve an increase in the throughput rate by up to 30%.

The other goals were: to centralize of the product base, to track the path from delivery to sale in the store, to automate of planning and management, and shipping to stores.

Additionally, we assumed the creation of a dedicated loyalty application for the store’s customers.

Conceptual activities

To better understand the work characteristics of warehouse employees and the problems that arise, we conducted research scenarios, observations and individual in-depth interviews at each of the positions.

The results of research

The research produced the following results:

we determined the distribution and worked
out the sizes of sections for individual
variables for the assessment of clothes;

it turned out that it is better to present all the content on the one screen at the same time, instead of hiding data for self-search by the employee;

we managed to limit the process to just
scanning the barcode, completely without

we have minimized the time for activities not related to the assessment of the quality of the goods by implementing subsequent applications and sharing the responsibilities of employees.

System’s functionalitity mockup

We started the design work from modeling the system company.

intuitive design

Design of MS Wear is simple and intuitive even for inexperienced application users. We have designed it to provide users with maximum freedom thanks to dedicated applications for Android devices.

A complex ecosystem

MS Wear enables the simultaneous operation of many positions and departments, cooperating within one ecosystem. Using a dedicated application, it connects to external devices; printers, scanners, scales.

Control over
all processes

The system enables insight and ongoing warehouse control, as well as planning deliveries and releases at each level: piece, collective cartons and entire pallets of goods. Thanks to this, each employee has an account in the system, the system is current and has a very direct control over its operation.

Facilities for customers

The system supports sales software and after-sales service thanks to customer loyalty applications.

MS Wear System allows you to trace the route of goods from the ordered delivery to the end customer.

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