Społeczność - Industi

Tytani Lublin

We take great pride in the fact that we sponsor our regional american footbal team. Not only do we support them financially, but we also help with their lead generation, marketing strategies and marketing related design work.


Industi soccer team - more than weekly practice

Our soccer team takes part in charity tournaments. We fight, we suffer injuries, we learn that team play is the key to winning. All this makes our tight-knit crew appreciate each other’s company even more.


Running Team

In search of a break from sitting still behind a computer desk, some of us have started jogging. It’s not just a pastime activity anymore. We’ve taken to the tournaments to compete in individual as well as relay races all over Poland. Our high placement in Business Run 2019 has motivated us even further to train harder, faster, better, stronger…


Industi dla Lublina

We run a charity design program called #industidlalublina to support our local communities through non-profit organizations.


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